Scalable/Replicable HIE solutions

HIE solutions are everywhere. UMIx believes in building a platform to develop scalable/replicable HIE solutions as we predict most HIE solutions are involves repetitive work that we all can avoid.  Automation with solutions that can scale and replicable easily is the key as you adopt more payors, pharmacies, external labs, public registries. UMIx professionals with disciplines and adoption of right industry standards were successful developing and deploying scalable/replicable solution for:

  1. Physician Office Integration
  2. Connecting eXternal Labs and Diagnostic centers
  3. Connecting to Payors and clearing house
  4. Acquiring Medication Histories, Allergies from PBMs
  5. Integrating with ePrescription Vendors
  6. Facilitating a record locating service
  7. Integrating with regional RHIOs
  8. Connecting to State and federal registries

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