Identity Management and Interoperability

If we are not matching, we are not exchanging. If we are not exchanging we are siloed. if we are siloed, well you know. Data is inarguably one of the biggest assets of todays organization. Take control of your data. Wether it is a Patient or Physician or a Test code every element of the organization needs to be uniquely identified for unparalleled accuracy and ease of accessing your data.  UMIx can help :

1. Facilitating a robust  Master Patient Indexing solutions

2. Facilitating a MDM platform for any or all critical data elements

3. Context management using standards like LDAP, CCOW etc

4. Single Sign ON Capabilities using a Myriad of technologies

5. Identity/context exchange for interoperability

6. Canonical data forms for supporting web services orchestration

7.  Developing registries and indexing repositories.

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