Clinical Information Xchange

Achieving complete transparencies to processes and data is never complete unless you have a robust enterprise architecture that could facilitate it. Consistent disciplines and defined approach on adopting standards is key for your organizational success esp when your business needs are ever changing. UMIx can bring transparencies to this problem and help facilitate a process/model for a powerful clinical information exchange strategy. We specialize in:

1. Health information exchange throughout your Clinical/Financial Systems using a myriad of national data standards, clinical terminologies, advanced administrative code-sets and best technologies.

2. Facilitate a Longitudinal Clinical Summary that gives a 360 degree view of your patient across service lines.

3. Implementing CPOE.

4. Building an efficient SOA for a better coordinated and connected medical home across your health system, business partners as well as community.

5. Strongly connected system throughout the care continuum (Acute, Ambulatory, ED, Long term care & home care units)

6. Image integration be it hyperlinks, DICOM exchange, PDF exchange or a secure model hosting/sharing for sharing images.

5. Achieving a single-complete-legal medical record through a efficient document management system.

6. Service lines integration including but not limited to Lab, Radiology, Cardiology, Pharmacy & Womens Services.

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