EAI Products

Adoption of multiple technology solutions throughout patient care continuum at an immense speed improves effeciencies, but the demand/need for integrating data accross clinical/financial systems became barely a surrmountable proposition for many healthcare organizations. While moving of data from point A to Point B is the common denominator of integration everbody develops. We at UMIx are geared towards complete interoperability of data/processes throughout clinical/financial systems eliminating data redundancies, ineffeciancies and growing maintenace burden. Our people with years of experience, combined with advanced degrees and certifications can develop/deliver a vendor-agnostic platform that eliminates any hindrance to a powerful exchange strategy using the below products

Seebeyond e*Gate
Seebeyond Datagate
SRE 5.0.5
Sun JCaps
INFOR Cloverleaf
Orion Rhapsody
EPIC Bridges
Cerner Open Engine
Intersystems Ensemble
Eclipsys Sunrise eLink Integration Suite
Microsoft BizTalk
Mckesson Pathways
Webmethods Integrator
Tandem Messageway
Siemens OPENLink
NeoTool NeoIntegrate
ESB Sonic