Challenges we can win

Ulterior Medical Information Xchange Solutions is a national consortium of talented individuals with specific interests on Integrating health care data. With over 20 years of industry specific technical services experience, UMIx is just not about Meaningful Use of data. UMIx Solutions is completely geared towards facilitating eXceptional usage of health Information. UMIx solutions promises an optimal, cost-effective, scalable and replicable solution for any of your current business challenges to build a better connected health care system.

What is your current challenge?

* Re-engineering clinical workflows to achieve a better managed patient centric medical home?
* Aligning your agenda with national “Meaningful use” agenda to qualify for Medicare and Medicaid incentives?
* Interoperability between all your clinical/financial systems for an effecitive co-ordinated care?
* Backbone architecture for a decision support system to deliver valuable Clinical/Financial analytics that can dictate the way you operate?
* Breaking silos of data and provide an efficient way to carry a complete-connected- health record as the care moves along with the patient?
* Better manage the identity of patients across your clinical/financial sytems throughout your facilities for a single-complete-medical record?
* Building blocks to implement national data standards, clinical terminologies, best practices and right administrative code-sets to eliminate any hindrance for a powerful exchange strategy?
* Achieve a scalable/replicable trading partner HIE strategy to connect and collaborate with external physician offices, external labs, payors, clearing houses and RHIOs?
* ACO readiness?
* EHR portals?
* Longitudinal clinical summary view?

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